The Honest Promise

Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom. ― Thomas Jefferson

No B.S.

You are a business and I am a business. We work together as a team so both of us can succeed. I will be honest with you and I expect the same back. I will not take advantage of our business relationship and I expect the same back. I'm here to support you and develop a business relationship you can trust for the long term.

100% U.S. Labor

I do not outsource my website services to anyone outside the United States. For the most part, I do the majority of all labor, but I do outsource services like copywriting, logo design, or SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When I do outsource it out it will never be outside of the U.S., and you will 100% be aware of it.

No Upselling

Honest Web Designs will not contact you or harass you into buying services you do not need. When I do recommend a service it will be because it will benefit you or your customers.

No Hidden Fees

My goal is not to nickel and dime you. There are no hidden fees. I don't have the time to play that game.

Just Honest Hard Work

Most small business owners work hard, you should expect the same from the companies you hire. Time is money and there always seems to be less of both. So, I work smart and I work hard.

Our Clients

I am selective with the clients that I take on. If we are not a good fit or I have a conflict with your business model (morally or professionally) then I will not take you on as a client.

Work-Life Balance is also important and I limit the number of active clients I have.